No Tax Money for Millionaires and Billionaires!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  December 2nd, 2019

CONTACT: David Norton



Today our city and state leaders led by Pawtucket Mayor Donald Grebien, Governor Gina Raimondo, and Commerce RI (the entity responsible for 38 Studios) are seeking an enormous amount of money for yet another out-of-state billionaire investment group. 

At $400,000,000, this taxpayer-funded project involves an untenable amount of money from Pawtucket's low-income tax-base.  It is a recipe for disaster for Pawtucket taxpayers and Rhode Island taxpayers, alike.

We need to stop this $400,000,000 boondoggle and the message of our campaign will be loud and clear moving forward:  "No tax money for millionaires and billionaires!".

The truth is that the Pawtucket Mayor and this newly arrived investment group already have a virtual blank check from some legislation passed in the last session concerning McCoy stadium -- and they are going to cash that check.

It bears repeating that the driving force behind taxpayer-funded sweetheart deals for the wealthy is nearly always the Mayor of Pawtucket.  With all that said, the Pawtucket Mayor's past relentless pursuit of a taxpayer-funded stadium for a billionaire ownership group is nothing compared to this latest $400,000,000 scheme.  The idea that taxpayers will be asked to fork over even more money to billionaires than the last stadium boondoggle is unbelievable! 

The race for Mayor of Pawtucket, for me, is about representing the wishes of the voters and taxpayers in the city and also in the state and not representing the interests of any billionaire ownership or investment groups.  I want to pursue improvements in our schools and reopening closed fire stations as all of our elected leaders should. 

Thank you,

David Norton