Here's who I am:

Community Leader

Leading the fight in to Keep the PawSox in Pawtucket with no taxpayer money for the billionaire ownership group taught me just how much change Rhode Island's political system needs.  When they announced plans to close Memorial Hospital's birthing center and ICU in 2016, I went to every hearing and helped organize the opposition.  Not surprisingly, Memorial Hospital was closed and another wealthy ownership group is asking for taxpayers to pay for a new soccer stadium.

Pawtucket means everything to me, and I'll never stop fighting for our city.



When I was nineteen, I found that I couldn't afford college, so I joined the army and left Pawtucket for the first time in my life.  Serving our country taught me discipline, adaptability, social and life skills.  I learned about diversity and equality. The experience widened my view of the nation and our role in the world.  After I finished active duty, the Army helped me pursue my educational goals through Bryant University with an added year of International Business study in Denmark.  



Before I started my current internet marketing consulting business, I taught Citizenship and English as a second language classes here in Rhode Island and also taught English language abroad for many years in Japan at my own school.  I learned just how important good schools are for our children.  I learned about the need for diversity. I experienced life as an immigrant. I am not only a teacher of language but a lifelong learner.  I've learned German, Danish, Japanese, and currently learning Spanish, Portuguese, and Cape Verdean Kriolu.

I'm very ready to fight to fix the Pawtucket public school system, where we send our daughter. We need a new approach to both learning and teaching in our schools. I am ready to diversify our school department by changing hiring practices that encourage multilingualism and diversity.







Being a father is my most important job.  After my military service and living abroad for many years, I decided to bring our family back to Pawtucket because I knew this was where I wanted to raise our daughter.  I play a primary role in my daughter's education and upbringing.  I am very proud of my daughter.