David Norton for Mayor of Pawtucket

The City of Pawtucket faces a number of challenges that the current administration has failed to address, including the rape of a disabled child in our school system, the effective loss of our Memorial Hospital, lack of a contract for Pawtucket firefighters, and the previous nonstop Quixotic-like pursuit of a taxpayer-funded stadium.

Our city and our state are going in the wrong direction. Not fighting for our hospital and instead pursuing a taxpayer-funded stadium for the PawSox billionaire ownership group as happened is certainly not the right direction. The reckless pursuit of a taxpayer-funded stadium highlighted and still highlights a lack of understanding of the daily struggles of members of our community. The current administration not only did not address the concerns of our low-income and minority residents but exacerbated the issue of income inequality in its reckless and embarrassing pursuit of a taxpayer-funded stadium which would have burdened our low-income/high-tax city with debt for an entire 3 decades.

I do not wish to belabor the point of #HospitalsBeforeStadiums but this concept remains the simplest and clearest example of were Pawtucket's political establishment has gone wrong.  

It’s time for a change in leadership.  

Vote Norton for Mayor of Pawtucket!