Requiring Gun Trigger Child Safety Locks for Firearms

If elected Mayor of the City of Pawtucket and within the first 100 days of my administration, I will issue an executive order requiring gun trigger safety locks on firearms in the City of Pawtucket. The constant and growing dangers from the proliferation of deadly firearms poses a significant and deadly risk to our residents and our children.  Easy access to firearms in our community is something that needs to be addressed proactively. We must take proactive and positive measures to protect Pawtucket children and others from increasing levels of gun violence.  My executive order will be modeled partly on existing Massachusetts State Law M.G.L. Chapter 140 § 131L. 



* Note 1:  The US General Accounting Office has estimated that 31% of accidental deaths caused by firearms could be prevented by the addition of two devices: a child-proof safety lock and a “loading indicator,” a safety device that indicates whether a firearm is loaded and still has a round of ammunition in its chamber.16

* Note 2:  This law has proven effective in Massachusetts. Guns are used in just 9% of youth suicides in Massachusetts, compared to 39% of youth suicides nationally, and the overall suicide death rate among youth in Massachusetts is 35% below the national average.17

* Special note concerning State of RI Preemption Law (Rhode Island General Laws § 11-47-58) regarding the regulation of firearms:
Sullivan v. Town of Coventry and Town of Middletown, 2010 R.I. Super. LEXIS 53 (Mar. 17, 2010), confirms that section 45-6-1 remains valid authority for cities to regulate firearms. The court found that Middletown properly used the authority delegated under section 45-6-1(a) to regulate firearm discharge because such regulation is a matter of local concern, regulating firearms in the interest of public safety has traditionally been the domain of municipalities, and the municipalities’ unique ability to identify and respond to local threats to public safety weighs against uniform statewide regulations.