If I am elected Mayor of the City of Pawtucket and within the first 100 days of my administration, I will issue an executive order (if necessary) to include language assessment tests in application for employment for all city, police and fire recruits in the City of Pawtucket. Our linguistic and cultural diversity is a strength that has yet to be recognized and valued in the city when it comes to hiring city employees and first responders.  We must take proactive and positive measures to ensure our city hiring practices and employees reflect the necessity of communication in the cultural and linguistic diversity in our city.

Further, I will direct all departments of the city to include in all employment applications and assessments, incentives, and rewards which favor candidates that are able to pass language assessment tests for Pawtucket's 5 largest language groups: English, Cape Verdean Kriolu, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

Candidate employees in all city departments will have the option to take a language proficiency test and get incentive pay based on their level of fluency. It’s similar to education incentive pay that many police departments offer, with bonuses given for a bachelor’s or master’s degree.  Any candidates able to pass language proficiency tests in any of the 5 largest language groups may also have points added in any assessment or interview for employment, similar to points added for candidates that live in the city.