State Medicaid cuts are unfair to Rhode Island families.  Supporting tax cuts for the wealthy on the backs of struggling families, seniors, and disabled citizens, is wrong.  

The person tasked with cutting Medicaid by state leaders in Rhode Island(Dennis Keefe, CEO of Care New England) is the same person that is trying to close the Memorial Hospital Birthing Center and ICU.  Unfortunately, Dennis Keefe chaired the Reinventing Medicaid working group, which was tasked to find $100 million in both short- and long-term savings and responsible for cuts to nursing homes and hospitals.  Sadly, Dennis Keefe, who makes upwards of 1.3 Million in a single year is prepared to cut Medicaid and jobs of caregivers to maintain or increase his own obscene salary.

I believe that the state's approach to caring for seniors and the caregivers of seniors is very damaging to our community.  Our state leaders are not caring for our seniors in a way that benefits Rhode Island families, caregivers or the people receiving care.