Systemic Racism in Pawtucket


Below are facts contained in the City of Pawtucket Affirmative Action Program Report.  Federal law requires that the City of Pawtucket under the leadership of the Mayor maintain this report. 


* My analysis of this report is not yet complete as it relates to salaries.  I would appreciate any help one might offer to me in establishing the average salaries of each department as that information is not contained in this Affirmative Action Program Report.



Systemic Racism





Pawtucket Mayor's Office Systemic Racism






Pawtucket Board of Canvassers Systemic Racism





Planning and Redevelopment AAP




Pawtucket Police AAP






Systemic Racism Pawtucket City Clerk's Office





Systemic Racism Pawtucket Probate Court





Pawtucket Library AAP






Law Department AAP






Systemic Racism Mayor's Office Pawtucket






More graphs coming soon... Stay tuned...



Click here for City of Pawtucket Full Affirmative Action Report

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